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Value Proposition

Bots allows banks to maintain live pricing curves for any of the 10,000+ different issuers in the market, to swap and export pricings and to run advanced analytics on new issue pricing datasets.

We leverage proprietary algorithms to automate the low-value parts of the workflow and free up DCM and Syndicate bankers for more value-added tasks.

Cost & Efficiency Savings

Anyone in the industry will be familiar with the long hours spent by Syndicate and DCM on processing an endless stream of new issue pricing and client updates. Bots cuts this time by an order of magnitude, leading to cost and efficiency savings

New Revenue & Market Share Opportunities

Our data Analytics help banks to identify issuance opportunities faster and pitch for business with more intensity, using less effort than before. This translates to market share increases both from existing and new clients or markets.

Happier Employees & Better Talent Retention

Bots dramatically improves one of the key pain points in DCM and Syndicate Bankers’ day to day work, leading to better job satisfaction, work-life balance and talent retention.


Our two Co-founders have a combined 20+ years of experience in DCM Origination and Syndicate at a top tier investment bank. They realised that the bond origination workflow can be vastly improved with the right technology and partnered up with a Fintech software development expert to turn that vision into a reality.
Stephan Gimpel profile

Stephan Gimpel


Stephan has 14 years of front office Banking experience, most recently as Director, Financial Institutions DCM at Citigroup in London

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Oliver Corstjens profile

Oliver Corstjens


10 years’ experience in DCM, most recently on Citigroup’s Sovereigns, Supra and Agencies Bond Syndicate desk in London

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Daniel Warner profile pic

Daniel Warner


10+ years’ experience architecting and developing B2B software, including a payment service and a securities trading application

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Stephan Gimpel profile

Paul Kelleher


Paul brings 20+ years of experience in securing, deploying and scaling enterprise/finance applications and is in charge of our security, compliance and cloud infrastructure

Oliver Corstjens profile

Daniel Chilvers


Daniel is a seasoned frontend expert who has led the frontend teams of multiple enterprise applications over the last 10 years

John Cooney


John is a senior developer with a background in design and 15+ years of commercial frontend development experience

Investors & Advisers

Our investors and advisers include JLR Star, a Fintech-focused investment firm with expertise in Debt Capital Markets and leading figures from within the industry

Peter Charles


Peter is the former Head of EMEA Fixed Income Syndicate at Citigroup, a Fintech investor and a Senior Adviser and non-executive director of Bots

Sarwat Faruqui


Sarwat has over 20 years of capital markets experience, most recently as Head of EMEA Syndicate and Co-Head International Syndicate at MUFG

Hugh Carter profile

Hugh Carter


Hugh has held multiple leadership positions in his 38-year banking career and was most recently Head of Credit Syndicate and Deputy Head of Global Syndicate at Commerzbank

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