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Oliver Corstjens

29 June 2023

Can't Microsoft build DCM tech? 22

This is the foundation upon which our company builds ground-breaking DCM technology. We are effectively the DCM arm for a tech giant, extending and painstakingly customising their latest work to take DCM technology to the next level.

Another way of explaining this is to distinguish “high-tech” companies from “tech-enabled” companies. Tech giants are mostly the former. The aim is to make discoveries and improvements in the field of technology. Their R&D costs are usually in the billons, their product cycles are very long and 95% of their work finds no commercial use. The latter applies the latest technological advances to new purposes. The R&D is more focused and products are working within a year.

You can think of tech-enabled firms (most of which are startups) as the conduit through which technological breakthroughs and improvements, by high-tech firms, can spread out wide and be made applicable to every corner of the business world.

So if you want a tech solution provided by an established tech provider, you need look no further than tech startups.

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