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  • Oliver Corstjens

DCM's Branding Shrug

Having worked at a large DCM franchise for many years, it strikes us in retrospect how limited the DCM conversations were around visual branding. Our DCM team was mostly focused on content, branding was more of an afterthought. Of course, there were some branding elements, a company logo somewhere, the company palette and usually a few themes and flourishes. But none of us had any experience in graphic design and we just muddled through. Regular pricing updates in particular: some were colourful, some understated, some spaced, some condensed, some polished, some no-nonsense. Ultimately, we trusted that clients would look past that anyway.

Unsurprisingly, this is not an effective way for a DCM franchise to communicate its brand through visual identity.

But why should DCM teams just shrug at branding through visual identity? DCM clients are no less sensitive to branding than others, so perhaps it represents an opportunity. Brands are patterns of familiarity and reassurance that exist in people’s minds, a bank which presents impressive and consistent output projects these qualities.

Imagine if there was a way of coordinating the output across all the DCM teams, even across regions. Pool together all the best ideas from every team and put together several output formats available effortlessly, flexible enough to meet all the DCM-specific requirements.

This is exactly what Bots’ operating platform for DCM achieves. We work with DCM departments to tailor the very best in design and make it available to all staff at the click of a button. Global DCM franchises are already benefitting from this considered and consistent approach. What’s more, all the different teams are buying into the idea. You might think getting bankers to work in unison would be like herding cats, but in fact almost everyone embraces the idea because it's clearly superior.

We’d love to show you if you can spare the time – please reach out!


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