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  • Oliver Corstjens

FinTech Schmintech: DCM already does this with spreadsheets

DCM already does this with spreadsheets.

Why, if I can accomplish a task already with a spreadsheet, emails and existing data feeds, would I pay a fintech for an app substitute? Why don’t FinTechs build apps for things I can’t do – like a time machine, to recoup the time I spent on their pitch?

Swapping spreadsheets for software means learning a new system, based on someone else’s view of how to do my job. Good luck asking for changes which are non-standard. And what if the switch affects performance? My clients don’t like interruptions, they expect a reliable service.

Here’s an alternative view, one that a growing number are subscribing to.

You spend a lot of time in your spreadsheets. It’s the same logic as choosing a mattress or dental care, better options are worth exploring.

You only know what you know. Working on your spreadsheet in isolation will limit your ability to improve it. Our product roadmap is shaped by thousands of suggestions from hundreds of DCM and Syndicate professionals. Switching to software forces you to look at things differently, leaving you more informed and better equipped to serve your clients.

Switching is usually not as chaotic as you imagine. Just like diving into a cold sea or getting up at 6am for that run before work, once you grasp the nettle you wonder what all the fuss was about and can’t imagine going back to the old ways.

That’s why top tier banks have partnered with Bots.

We may be under two years old, but large global DCM franchises have partnered with us to revamp their pre-trade workflow. Spreadsheets are out, the Bots platform is in. No one has complained about the lack of flexibility, instead users are excited to have functionality they didn’t have before.

So what? Well, they’ll get time back which they can allocate elsewhere. They’ll have better content to share with clients and will do so ahead of their less tech-enabled peers. And importantly, their employees will be happier with their job.

Want more details? Reach out to us via Linkedin.


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