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  • Stephan Gimpel

There’s a 100% probability that you’ll miss every deal you didn’t pitch for

That’s not a line from the latest Wall Street movie, but an unfortunate truth that every DCM and Syndicate banker learns early on in their career.

In a competitive industry like capital markets, it’s the marginal wins that make the difference in the league tables and year-end budgets.

This dynamic goes a long way to explaining the famously dedicated work ethic in investment banking. But even the most ambitious and driven leader has an interest in allocating their team’s resources towards the most relevant opportunities and clients.

To maximise the chance of mandates, they want to know three things upfront:

i) Are we on top of all identified opportunities and key relationships?

ii) What are the opportunities that haven’t been identified yet?

iii) Where are we wasting time and resources that could be better allocated elsewhere?

Of course knowing which is which is the hard part and banks are already going to great lengths to gain insights on coverage activities and client relationships. Think of meeting and calendar trackers, call reports, internal CRM systems, wallet share analysis, pipeline trackers, top opportunities trackers, etc etc

The trouble is, the data you get is only ever as good as the data that goes in. And I’ve yet to meet a successful coverage banker who has internal tracker updates near the top of their agenda.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to gain these sorts of insights from meta data that falls out of the activity that goes on day in and day out? If you could measure client engagement metrics, spot coverage gaps and missed opportunities directly from the updates that DCM and Syndicate produce every day?

With a centralized platform to manage your pre-trade workflows, you can.

Having visibility on aggregated data can help the team to focus on the right opportunities and ultimately drive revenues. You can match up market data with your internal metrics to make data-driven decisions.

It’s all possible once you’ve properly digitalised your pre-trade workflows and data.

We’ll be happy to tell you more!


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