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  • Stephan Gimpel

What's the Point?

Our goal for primary market pre-trade technology

As former DCM and Syndicate bankers who struggled through many painful workflows ourselves, the benefits of a solution like Bots can seem self-evident.

Why wouldn’t you want to streamline your manual workflows, spend less time on data wrangling and instead focus on more meaningful and revenue-generating tasks?

But we’ll be the first to admit that not every banker immediately subscribes to that view. Existing processes have worked well for years or even decades and can probably continue for at least a few years longer.

It’s therefore a relevant question: what’s the point? Why should you care and why should you change?

Key to answering this question is to understand that the current processes and tools that exist within most banks didn’t evolve because they reflect the best way of working. It was the other way around: bankers work and cover their clients in a particular way today as a result of the limitations of their current processes and tools.

Weekly grid pricing is a prime example of this, but there are many more.

And our goal is to help banks to break free from those limitations.

New Possibilities

What if instead of weekly grids you had real-time visibility on new issue pricing for all your clients, all the time? What if you could communicate relevant information to your clients effortlessly without lengthy manual processes? And what if you could answer complex market questions instantly, instead of first having to run cumbersome spreadsheet analysis?

Take a moment to think about how the answers to those three questions would change your daily life at work or the productivity of your team.

Now that is something that most DCM and Syndicate bankers would recognise as game-changing.

To get there, you first have to digitalise your pre-trade workflows and data. Only then can you progress to the real prize.

We recently helped one of the top global DCM banks to do exactly that for their teams spread across 4 continents – all within less than 3 months from rollout.

We’ll be happy to discuss what we can do for your DCM department, just send us a message via the Contact form or get in touch via Linkedin.


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